Spider Man Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Spider Man books bring the adventures of everyone's favorite web slinger home for repeated reading. While Spider Man has been a popular comic book for years, it has only been in the last couple of years that Peter Parker has been catapulted into the mainstream with two of the largest blockbuster movies of all time. These movies introduced a younger audience to the lesson from Parker's Uncle Ben: with great powers come great responsibilities.

As there have been many story lines in the comics, it can become time consuming and expensive to keep up with the plot. Fortunately, Spider Man books compile the story into a single volume, making it easier to read about Spiderman's exploits. Some of these books compile the comics, while others are inspired by the motion pictures or abridged versions of the comics.

Putting Your Child in Spider Man Books

As with many comic book heroes, Spider Man conveys values such as a sense of responsibility for your actions. These stories provide can let parents sugar coat lessons that they want their children to learn. Kids get caught up in the action of fighting against criminals and will not even realize what they are learning ethics in the process.

Though television and movies have given rise to the franchise's recent popularity surge, Spider Man books can get your child away from the television and make him a more avid reader. If he has not taken a liking to reading, a book with his favorite superhero may get your son more excited about the prospect. It may not be considered great literature, but getting your child to read fun stories (or reading these stories to her) is an easy way to develop reading skills.

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