Spy Kids Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Spy Kids books continue the adventures of the Cortez family after their three motion pictures. Carmen and Juni Cortez thought that their parents were just normal parents until they learned that they were among the most elite secret agents in the world. The family movies were widely successful for combining the conveyance of positive values along with action and gadgets, the latter two being staples of any spy movie.

Even though the Spy Kids have had to save their parents and stop plans for world domination, they still face the same issues that every child must deal with. From bullies and not fitting in to teenage crushes, young readers will be able to relate to the characters while being drawn into the plot of Spy Kids books. Even though applications to the CIA are at record levels, not everyone will find espionage to be a suitable career, and fantasizing and reading about it is the next best (and safer) option.

Putting Your Child in Spy Kids Books

Children always wonder what it would be like to take on the role of the secret agent trying to save the world, and putting them in that role in a book lets them explore that adventure. Personalized Spy Kids books will let children work side by side with the Carmen and Juni to put an end to whatever maleficent plans evil doers are hatching. Young readers will treasure reading about their own exploits as much as they enjoyed watching the Spy Kids movies.

If you've been pulled to the movie theater on opening day or taken to the video store to rent any of the Spy Kids movies, it's a fairly safe bet that your child is fascinated by the story. Rather than promoting sitting in front of the television for another two hours, Spy Kids book represent another option with the same characters and adventures. Boys and girls alike will be able to relate to the Spy Kids and enjoy the action that they might not get to see otherwise, unless their parents happen to be secret agents.

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