Superman Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Superman books feature one of the most recognized names in classic comics. Originally written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joseph Shuster in 1938 for DC Comics, Superman has been revisited by more artists and in more media than almost any comic hero, with the possible exceptions of Batman and Spiderman. Superman was actually killed in a comic in 1992, ostensibly for good, but tens of thousands of fans wrote in saying that was absolutely unacceptable, so the beloved hero was brought back to life.

Superman is an interesting and complex hero who faces some scary situations, and the comics can be a little too intense for young readers. His character, however, has always been unassailable, which makes him an excellent hero for children, so it is great to be able to find books written specifically for younger children featuring the Man of Steel. As Quentin Tarantino sagely pointed out in Kill Bill 2, Superman is the only superhero who is, in his true form, the superhero version of himself. While Peter Parker is the real world version of Spiderman, or Bruce Wayne is the day-to-day Batman, Clark Kent is a persona adopted by Superman to live in our world, since he is actually an immigrant from another world possessing superhuman abilities and fears being misunderstood or persecuted. This dichotomy intrigues many readers, and invites them to delve deeper into the story and get truly invested.

Superman is a character who has been shared by parents and children now for several generations, and the sense of tradition can enhance the joy of sharing Superman books with your children. When parents look at the cartoons and movies their kids watch on Saturday mornings and feel no sense of affinity for the aesthetic or characters, that widens the gulf between them. When parents actually enjoy what their kids want to watch or read, that means they'll spend more time together, reading, watching, and talking--and that's always a good thing.

Personalized Superman Books

Personalized Superman books may be a really great way to bring the family together. As a gift, a personalized book will be truly unique, and children are often delighted to read about themselves in a book alongside their favorite hero. Thinking that they could help accomplish something as grand as one of Superman's objectives makes them feel great about themselves, and parents can enjoy the story and the family time, as well.

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