X Men Books

Written by Serena Berger
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X Men books adapt one of the most popular comic book franchises, making them accessible to readers of all ages. The title characters, the X Men, are a group of so-called mutants (they possess various powers, some of which seem great, and other a little more problematic) trying to find acceptance in the world. Real world issues of bigotry and racism add an element of realism to the fantastic stories.

Two movies and two cartoons, as well as a slew of video games, have catapulted this comic into mainstream culture. Avid readers and viewers are all likely to have a favorite character among the X Men. Whether it be because of the heroes' personalities or their superpowers, at some level, readers identify with the characters and their struggles while being entertained by the action interwoven in the story.

Comics may be too graphically intense for young readers to handle. X Men books allow younger readers to experience the same thrill of reading about the heroes' exploits, as well as learning about the consequences of racism and stereotyping out of the classroom. Though these are often difficult issues for children to understand (as well as for parents to discuss with their children), X Men books can create awareness and understanding of these sensitive issues, instilling the importance of understanding and diversity at a young age.

Personalized X Men Books

What better way for a child to become immersed in a story with his favorite heroes than to be one of the characters himself? Personalizing a story can make a novel gift to a child that he or she is certain to enjoy. With personalized X Men books, children are sure to be captured by the action, but will also learn lessons of greater importance from the story.

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