Angel Pictures

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Angel pictures are uplifting, playful, and pretty. Angel art has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity during the last ten years. Angels are one of the most important artistic subjects in the entire history of art. They were the subject of thousands of paintings during and after the Renaissance. Many of these paintings were quite different from the chubby-cheeked angel prints we think of today. Angels were often depicted as fearsome, even terrifying creatures.

Angel pictures then fell temporarily out of favor. They never went away entirely, but simply lost popularity for hundreds of years. During the latter part of the previous century, however, the popularity of angel art began to surge anew!

Angel Pictures as Gifts

Angel pictures make spectacular gifts. Children just adore them. Because of the beauty of the subject, angel art is ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, parlors, or anywhere else that lyrical art is welcome.

Kids particularly love seeing pictures of cherubs. These young angels remind the kids of themselves! This art is as pretty as it is inspiring, making it a welcome edition in nearly every kind of home. These pictures are appropriate gifts even for your friends who are not Christian. The beauty of angels transcends religious affiliations, making it the kind of spiritual art that everyone can turn to for inspiration.

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