Arnold Friberg

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Many of us first became familiar with the work of master painter, Arnold Friberg, upon seeing his famous painting, "The Prayer at Valley Forge." Commissioned in 1976 for the Bicentennial celebration, this painting envisions George Washington on bended knee, head lowered, deep in prayer. The snow surrounds him, and the breath of his horse, standing behind him, is visible. A single shaft of light illuminates the chilly, nearly violet snow.

Arnold Friberg's Historical Paintings

As "The Prayer at Valley Forge" so richly demonstrates, Arnold Friberg has a tremendous talent for bringing important historical moments to life. His historical paintings of the old American West gained him much fame and attention. Arnold Friberg has also successfully captured living history: in the 1970s, he was commissioned to make a lifesize portrait of Prince Charles. HRH Prince Charles was painted with his horse, Centennial.

The equestrian picture was such a success that Friberg was commissioned to paint a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Centennial, in the Buckingham Palace garden. Clearly, Friberg is one of the most important painters of modern times. That's especially good news to Christian art lovers.

Friberg is a Christian who has painted some of the most stirring Biblical art of modern times. His religious paintings have a historical edge, giving one the sense of what life must have really been like in Biblical times. His paintings of Jesus Christ, and of Moses imparting the Ten Commandments on his people, are some of the most evocative works in Christian art.

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