Christian Art

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Christian art can be as aesthetically beautiful as it is morally uplifting. Christian art has long been the traditional decoration in religious homes. Many of us grew up in homes with treasured portraits of Jesus decorating the walls of the living room and bedrooms. Most of us are familiar with uplifting plaques of Christian sentiments, like the famous "Footprints in the Sand" plaque.

But Christian paintings have come a long way since we were children! Now, you can hang marvelous Biblical art on the wall that is not only spiritually valuable, but financially valuable, as well. The new crop of Christian painters is producing master works that are as financially valuable as collectibles as any type of secular art.

Collecting Christian Art

There are a few different ways to begin collecting Christian art. You can choose with your head, your heart, or, ideally, a combination of the two. Choosing with your head means considering criteria such as the number of paintings in the limited edition series, whether the painting is signed or unsigned, and the fame of the artist.

Following your heart, of course, means choosing the print, original painting, or canvas transfer that moves you the most. Ideally, you can select Christian art that both moves you spiritually, and stands a good chance of appreciating in value! Obviously, the more limited the edition, the better.

Limited edition signed and numbered prints are very valuable. These are usually denoted with the symbol S/N. You'll receive a certificate proving the authenticity of the painting, the artist's signature, and the number of your print. For instance, 125/200 means that 200 prints were created in total, and that yours was the 125th print to be produced.

Christian Art and Custom Portraits

One of the most amazing gifts you could ever bestow on your family is a custom made portrait by a talented Christian artist. Imagine sending photographs of your children to the artist of your choice, then receiving a beautiful oil painting of your own beloved kids with Jesus Christ. You can have a painting of yourself, your children, or your entire family communing with Christ.

Who wouldn't love a gift like this? Grandparents, of course, would be over the moon to receive a painting of their treasured grandkids sitting beside Jesus on the banks of a river, or nestled beside Jesus as he reads to them from the Good Book. Having a custom portrait painted can be fairly pricey, but it's bound to become one of the wisest investments you have ever made.

Not all spiritual art has to be expensive, however! You can buy lovely prints of Biblical scenes, playful angels, or the compassionate Christ, for very little money. You'll be able to fill every room of your home with colorful, uplifting, Christian art!

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