Golf Art

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Golf art, when painted by a talented artist, captures the beauty and stillness that make golf such a beloved game. Golfers know that the setting is one of the greatest joys of the sport. Although working on one's game and striving constantly to improve appeal to a golfer's sense of competition and sport, it's often the beauty of the course that brings him back, day after day.

Golf courses are peaceful, still places. They strike a balance between the flamboyance of nature, and the taming influence of man. Like a Japanese Zen or formal European garden, golf courses perfectly combine nature and architecture to form spots of nearly otherworldly beauty.

Golf Art and Limited Series

Golf art can be a very wise investment, if you buy the right pieces from the right artists. When purchasing a golf art print by an artist like Larry Dyke, make sure to look for a limited edition signed and numbered print (S/N). These prints will also include certificates of authenticity, which are important if you choose to resell the work once it has appreciated in value.

When the piece is numbered, you'll notice two numbers on the print. For instance, it might read 20/100. This indicates that yours was the 20th print made in a series of 100 paintings total. The more limited the printing, the more valuable your print is liable to become.

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