Larry Dyke

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Larry Dyke is a painter famous for his beautiful landscapes. These landscape paintings include his series depicting different, wonderful vistas from golf courses. These paintings of golf courses are now the most collected sports paintings in the country.

Larry Dyke and the Beauty of Golf

Larry Dyke understands what so many devoted golfers already know--much of the pleasure of the game is derived from the beauty of the course. Golfing isn't just a fun sport or pastime. It's an opportunity to take in the beauty of nature. Rolling hills, glassy waters, green grass, and colorful flowers are all part of the golf experience.

Larry Dyke captures these natural, wild elements, and pairs them with a detailed rendering of the architecture of the course. Golf courses are a wonderful balance of natural and human effort. Human hands shape and mold the natural surroundings to create something of unique beauty, akin to a formal garden. The paintings of Mr. Dyke perfectly capture this balance.

Dyke is a deeply spiritual man. His paintings are inspired by his Christian faith and his reverence for God's perfection. HIs paintings hang in the homes of Billy Graham, Shirley Jones, and in no less a "home" than that of the President of the United States, the White House. Dyke has been enormously successful since he first became a professional painter, in 1976. Below his own signature, on every piece he creates, Mr. Dyke includes a quote from the Scripture.

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