Religious Paintings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Religious paintings are valuable to use for so many reasons. First, religious paintings comprise the most important paintings in the world. The Christian paintings of the Renaissance are among the most splendid, beloved, and financially valuable artworks in the history of mankind. Christian artwork includes some of the most historically important masterworks in the world.

Religious Paintings for Spiritual Uplift

For Christians, however, the value of religious paintings goes well beyond the historical. For religious people, these paintings are a source of inspiration and guidance. It's particularly worthwhile to have these paintings and prints in one's own home.

Biblical art helps educate your children, firing their imaginations and stirring their interest in the Bible. Paintings of Jesus help us adults to keep our priorities in line. These works can be a defense against temptation, or a source of comfort during sorrowful times.

What's more, paintings of religious scenes or portraits of Jesus are beautiful to the eye. There's nothing wrong with filling your home with colorful, lyrical paintings. Beauty is inspiring and fortifying. It is one of the great pleasures of the Christian life.

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