Rod Chase

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Rod Chase is a renowned painter, famous for his incredible landscapes created in the style of photo-realism. Creating photo-realistic paintings takes enormous energy, attention to detail, and time. For his collectors' series of paintings of Washington DC, Rod Chase took hundreds of photographs of each of his subjects. He takes his photos in all types of light, from dawn through the night.

His research also included studying photos at the National Archives and Library of Congress. Chase then spent hundreds of hours working on each individual painting for his Washington DC series. The result is an unbelievably detailed and hauntingly beautiful series of pictures, including paintings of the White House ("America's Home"), the Vietnam Memorial ("Line of Duty"), and the Supreme Court building ("Justice for All").

Rod Chase, the Man Behind the Art

Perhaps Rod Chase's inspiration for painting landscapes of the U.S. capitol was his recent swearing in as a United States citizen. Although Chase now lives in Texas Hill Country with his wife and their four children, he was born in Canada. If his paintings are any indication, Chase has a deep affinity and love for his adopted country.

Chase's paintings are ideally suited for grand rooms, like drawing rooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They are epic in scope, making them ideally suited for an office or study. These paintings are perfect gifts for history buffs, political enthusiasts, and art lovers alike.

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