Sandra Kuck

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Sandra Kuck is a talented artist whose paintings and prints are well worth collecting. Many of Ms. Kuck's paintings take children as their subject matter. She manages to capture the innocence and delicate playfulness of young children in her beautiful paintings.

Sandra Kuck's Mother & Children Series

Among Sandra Kuck's most renowned paintings are her works of mothers and their children. Her works are reminiscent of the paintings of Mary Cassatt. Both Cassatt and Kuck show great insight into the special relationship between mother and child. Sandra Kuck paints portraits of mothers and children so brimming over with love, it's as though the invisible has been made visible. If it's possible to paint an emotion, Kuck does.

Lovers of angel art, take notice. Kuck has taken her talent for painting children, and turned it into some of the greatest angel pictures available today. If you are a fan of lyrical angel art, you would be wise to invest in one of her signed and numbered prints. These works are likely to appreciate in value, and are a lovely edition to any home.

Kuck's paintings make great gifts. They are particularly suited for gifts on Mother's Day, or to celebrate the birth of a child. Any mother or grandmother would feel over the moon about receiving one of these emotional, lovely paintings.

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