Bali Silver Beads

Written by Sarah Provost
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Bali beads comprise one of the largest and most popular categories of beads. These beads are handcrafted in Bali and other Indian Ocean countries by silversmiths who have passed their skills down through generations. The incredibly complex designs have an ageless beauty.

The best Bali beads are made of .925 sterling silver. Patterns are created by carving, or by attaching tiny pieces of silver in the desired pattern. The patterns show up because of oxidation in the grooves, so never use tarnish remover on your Bali beads. It will remove the oxidation, and your bead will lose its character.

Harmony Balls and Prayer Boxes

In addition to regular beads of many shapes and sizes, harmony ball and prayer box pendants are extremely popular. Harmony balls have the same complex decoration as other Bali beads. They are larger, however, and have a small chime inside that makes a subtle music as you move. Harmony balls can be used as pendants or as the focal point of a beaded necklace.

Prayer boxes can also be used as either a pendant, if it is a larger box, or a charm if it is smaller. These cylindrical boxes are made of sterling silver and decorated ornately, as are all Bali beads. Their original use was to hold a small, rolled-up piece of paper on which the wearer had written a prayer. They can also be used to hold a photo, a lock of hair, or fragrant herbs. Be careful if using perfumes or scented oils, however, as they may damage the finish of the ornament.

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