Beading Charms

Written by Sarah Provost
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Making your own beaded jewelry allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that express your individuality. The use of charms gives you even more options. Charms come in many materials and an almost endless number of designs.

Charms for Every Personality

There are literally thousands of different charms available. They come in different materials, sizes, and designs. Add in your own creative flair, and the possibilities are endless. You can hang a single charm on a neck chain or bracelet, or several to express a theme. It is also fun to create a tradition by adding charms at significant moments such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Many charms are made from pewter, which is a material easily manipulated into a variety of shapes. They may be carved into traditional shapes such as crosses, hearts, or animals, or more modern themes such as cars or airplanes. By using charms, you can personalize the piece of jewelry in a way that is not possible with other beads.

Charms can be used to create wonderful gifts, too. If your mother loves the casinos, make her a bracelet dangling cards, dice, four-leaf clovers, maybe even a miniature slot machine with colored crystals in the window--perhaps her birthstone. Wine charms are very popular gifts these days, and extremely easy to make. Do you have an animal lover in your life? Surprise them with a bracelet made with a variety of bird, hippo or cat charms, they are sure to appreciate the thought that went into the gift. Or give your gardening friend a necklace that dangles a little wheelbarrow, a trowel and a miniature seed packet. Use your imagination, and have fun browsing through the endless possibilities online.

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