Beading Tools

Written by Sarah Provost
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Ever try to remove an oil filter without an oil filter wrench? I did once, and since then I have been absolutely convinced that 90 percent of the success of any enterprise depends on having the right tools. That is certainly the case when it comes to beading.

Yes, you could string some jumbo beads on a silk cord without any implements. But if you're going to do any fine or detailed beading, you should start collecting a set of good tools. Three basic tools are chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire shears.

Basic Beading Tools

Chain nose pliers are used for crimping beads at the beginning and end of your strands. This keeps the beads in place and provides a loop to attach the clasp. Round nose pliers are used for making loops to create dangles and earrings. And since most jewelry, except for pearls and seed beads, is strung on wire, you'll need something to cut it with.

Later, you might want to add some other useful implements. A bead reamer, a tiny awl coated with diamond dust, will enlarge or smooth out the holes in your beads. Once you have a large collection of beads, a bead gauge measuring tool will help you keep like sizes together. Knotting tweezers will help you make perfect knots between beads. All tools for making jewelry are designed to prevent marring and are made of materials that will not harm your beads and findings, so it's not a good idea to try to substitute your eyebrow tweezers!

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