Chain Nose Pliers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Chain nose pliers have many uses in jewelry making. As the name implies, one of the primary uses is for opening and closing small chain links, so the nose of these pliers is very narrow. They differ from ordinary needle-nose pliers, though, because there are no teeth. In fact, the heads are polished smooth to prevent marking your beads, wire, or other materials.

These pliers can also be used for shaping wire or sheet metal. They provide crisp, accurate bends and folds, which gives your work a professional look. They can be used for closing bead tips, for crimping in spaces too small to use crimping pliers, and for opening and closing jump rings. They are also an excellent tool for wire wrapping.

Chain nose pliers may come with either lap or box joints, and in several sizes. It may take a little trial and error to find the best size for your hand and for your intended usage. Select a pair with sturdy padding on the handles for your comfort when using them.

Find Chain Nose Pliers Online

Your best bet for buying chain nose pliers is to search the jewelry-making sites online. While you might find a similar tool in a hardware store, you should choose one designed explicitly for making jewelry, and those can be hard to find. Buying tools online also has the advantage of lower prices, since online merchants have a much lower overhead and can pass those savings on to you.

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