Crochet Hooks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I just love wooden crochet hooks. Metal crochet hooks are the norm, and plastic ones are also very popular. Wooden crochet hooks, however, are just so beautiful to look at, and feel so great in the hand, that they have become my hooks of choice. I love all kinds of wooden items, from furniture to sculpture. Small wooden objects, like crochet hooks, are almost mesmerizingly beautiful to me.

Crochet Hooks Online

The easiest place to buy your hooks is online. This is true whether you are looking for handmade wooden hooks or dime-a-dozen plastic hooks. For me, crochet is in large part about the tactile experience. Whether I am using wood or metal, it's important to me to love the feel of my hooks.

Learn to crochet, and you can make just about everything. I learned to crochet because I wanted to create my own clothing. I soon learned, however, that crochet allowed me to make a lot more than just apparel. A person can make Christmas ornaments, blankets, table cloths and table runners, and even dolls and teddy bears.

You can find crochet patterns on the same sites where you buy your hooks. Many of these patterns are given away for free. Those that do cost money are often very inexpensive. If you are willing to put in the time, you can have a fabulous crochet wardrobe for next to no money.

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