Delica Beads

Written by Sarah Provost
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Delica beads are a specific brand of bead manufactured in Japan by the Miyuki Company. These are tiny beads, even smaller than seed beads, but their thin walls and cylindrical shape allows for a larger hole. That makes Delica beads perfect for weaving and off-loom beading projects.

These beads are made to be extremely precise, which means that unlike the rounder, more irregular seed beads, they will line up perfectly in woven patterns. Though they are more expensive than seed beads, their higher quality means that there will be far fewer unusable beads. That brings their price down, comparatively speaking. They are usually sold in tiny 2" vials, each holding about 900 beads. If you buy them in other packaging, be aware that there are about 200 beads in a gram.

Delica Beads Are Noted for Colors and Finishes

The choices to be had in Delica beads are downright mind-boggling. Their color range is absolutely spectacular, and new ones are added regularly. One catalog lists more than 1500 varieties of Delica beads.

In addition to the spectrum of colors, Delica beads are also available in a wide variety of finishes. They can be transparent, opaque, satin, matte, semi-matte, luster, opalescent or shimmering. Many are also silver lined, and they can be had in pure metallics such as gold or silver. Delica beads have become so much in demand that some people consider them collector's items and never take them out of the vial!

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