Easter Crafts

Written by Pete Nicholls
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Easter crafts can range from the religious to the Easter bunny and his basket of Easter eggs. As with other Christian holidays, the pagan has been blended into the holy, on orders of Pope Gregory in 601 A.D., regarding the Anglo-Saxons in England. The Pope's well-considered rationale was that forcing people to give up all of their customs doesn't make for peaceful conversion.

The original Easter rabbit was actually the Easter hare, a larger animal and one that is quite rare nowadays in some places around the world. The hare was the sacred companion of Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The hare brought gifts to the children during the spring festival, or so their parents told them. Often, the gifts were painted eggs because eggs symbolized new life. And new life is what spring is all about. The tradition tied in well with the Resurrection and the new life the Savior brought to all humanity.

Dipping hard-boiled eggs into food colorings or painting them is a safe activity for children, although supervision by teenagers or adults will minimize the mess. Having to hide them indoors the night before the Easter Egg Hunt, because of inclement weather, can be a challenge for the Easter Bunny's helpers. Cabinets and closets that need to be locked should remain locked at all times, of course. Try not to be too resourceful. If a hidden egg isn't found that next day, it will announce its presence in a room some three weeks later. Tracking it down then won't be as much fun.

More Easter Crafts

Putting together Easter baskets full of candies, or cookies, nuts and dried fruit, along with a stuffed toy, is a volunteer job that most people love. When the finished product is covered in colored clear plastic wrap and tied off with a bow, it will delight a shut-in, hospital patient, or nursing home resident. Dollar stores often have wrapping supplies and baskets at very reasonable cost. When the team has a lot of them to do, that's a big help with the budget. Kits or patterns for making the stuffed toys are also available on crafts sites, if volunteers have sufficient time to put them together.

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