Filet Crochet

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Filet crochet is a specific style of crochet stitch design. Crochet itself is a type of handicraft that creates beautiful items with the use of a hooked tool and a length of material. In fact, the word crochet comes from the word croc, which is the Middle French word for hook.

The material used in crochet can include cord, floss, thread, or yarn. Filet crochet, however, most often incorporates cotton threads. It is usually used to create sturdy designs for hanging on walls or decorating a table.

Learn to Filet Crochet Online

If you don't know how to filet crochet, but are interested in doing so, check out the Internet. You can learn to crochet by ordering an instructional video. You can also learn to filet crochet by following some of the simple instructions available online.

Crochet is so incredibly versatile. I know that knitting is in vogue right now, but I think it's only a matter of time before crochet becomes just as popular. What other type of craft allows you to make everything from tablecloths to dolls to dresses? I think crochet is absolutely beautiful, and that it's due for a resurgence in fashion soon.

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