Foam Craft Kits

Written by Shirley Parker
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Foam craft kits and supplies are a very welcome addition to the arts and crafts world. While geared toward children, adults have a hard time resisting them. The shapes are fun, being available for all major holidays, as well as representing things we see every day. Ducks, planes, fire trucks, penguins and necklaces are all downright cute.

The contents of foam craft kits are quite easy for little fingers or stiffening fingers to grasp. The kits come with all the precut shapes to put together that particular design. If it's a duck, there's a body shape, a beak (or bill, actually), webbed feet and maybe a grass or water shape to complete the scene. A penguin may be realistic or have a scarf and hat to be glued on or around its head.

Some foam crafts are meant to have a magnet glued to the back, to put them on the refrigerator door or sides. Other kits include a pin-back, so the objects can be displayed on clothing. Still others are freestanding, or hang on doorknobs, decorate key chains, or keep a reader's place in books.

Foam Craft Kits Are Safe

One of the nicest things about foam craft supplies is that they're safe to handle. Most are acid-free and latex-free, but if the ad or the packaging doesn't state that, ask--if it's important to you--or reject the package outright. Being latex-free can make a critical difference for those with a serious allergy of that sort. Good foam kits mean a Hawaiian lei made from foam flowers is unlikely to cause irritation. That's important when something is so pretty.

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