Free Crochet Doll Patterns

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Free crochet doll patterns are available on a surprising number of websites. Why would companies give away free crochet doll patterns, when they could sell them for a profit? Most of these companies are more interested in selling their crochet supplies than their crochet patterns. If free goodies draw potential customers to their site, that's worth a lot more to them than the price of the pattern.

Great Free Crochet Doll Patterns

Some of these free crochet doll patterns are just awesome! I've found patterns for little bears, for dolls, doll clothing, and doll hats. Personally, I like making crochet clothes for pre-made dolls, but a lot of folks prefer the soft, crochet dolls themselves.

Crochet is so versatile. What other handicraft allows you to make everything from Christmas tree angels to floor-length dresses? Learn to crochet, and you're bound to improve everything from your wardrobe to your interior design.

You may need to know a good number of different stitches to make intricate doll clothing. If you want to learn a variety of new stitches, I suggest you watch one of those How-To videos. I find that it's much easier to learn by watching, than to learn by reading.

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