Group Packs

Written by Pete Nicholls
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When a compassionate teacher wants everyone in the class to take home the same carefully assembled craft, it is often best to purchase a group pack of the item. Having extras tucked away for unexpected visitors is good planning, too. That way, no one is left out, no one's feelings are hurt, and no one feels like a weirdo. Since each of us was once a child, we surely can all relate to the pain of being the only one who didn't get something.

It doesn't feel any better when you're an adult and get ignored. So if you're the leader and have an approximate head count for how many people are going to attend the crafts demonstration, bring at least 10 or 20 percent more items. The same holds true if you're going to be handing out marigolds or petunias or any other living plant, or even cookies, carrot cake or chocolate bars to the men. It's far better to have extras that can be taken home or to those too ill to attend, than to have a dear lady or gentleman hurry out the door, trying to hide tears.

Group packs of available craft items cover literally everything from high flying kites to miniature sailboats, race cars, bookmarks, switch covers, string art, mobiles, sun visors, beaded key chains, sun catchers, and much more. There are also Christian and Judaic group packs. Each kit has easy assembly instructions, though some items will obviously take longer to put together than others, and are for older kids.

Group Packs with No Assembly Required

At times, you'll want to provide prizes or Thank You for Being Here tokens, where everyone is recognized as being important. In these instances, children might like bugs made from brightly colored pipe cleaners (chenille stems). On the other hand, they'd just as soon create their own from little kits, if you can get the grownups to give them back. Cute refrigerator magnets are always welcomed. We all have loads of notes to keep track of, on all sides of the 'fridge. Lite rope necklaces that glow in the dark and mini strobe lights are a hit with preteens.

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