Jewelry Clasps

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are many ways to finish off your necklace or bracelet with a clasp. The easiest and least expensive is a simple spring ring. Attach a plain jump ring to one end of your string and the spring ring on the other. Pulling back on a little lever opens a space in the spring ring for the jump ring to fit into.

Lobster claw clasps are the other most common type. They have a hook to put through the jump ring, and a lever that closes the hook. Hook and eye clasps are similar, but the hook cannot be closed. A barrel clasp screws together with a threaded socket. All of these kinds of clasps are available in a wide range of sizes and metals.

Different Types of Jewelry Clasps

Magnetic clasps are fairly new and extremely popular. Each end of the string is finished with a tiny magnet, small enough to be unobtrusive but strong enough to hold a light or medium weight necklace. You can also make a necklace or bracelet entirely of magnetic beads, in which case it will cling to itself when wrapped around neck or wrist, and no clasp is needed at all.

Specialty Clasps

Some clasps are meant to be inconspicuous, while others add to the beauty of the piece. Filigree clasps are dainty and lacy, best for small necklaces. Some clasps, usually hook and eye type, are made of sculpted wood or bone. Antique style pewter clasps are very decorative in dragonfly shapes. Finally, there are multi-strand clasps, in styles from formal jeweled clasps to sleek modern styles.

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