Jewelry Craft Kits

Written by Shirley Parker
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When a class leader first searches for jewelry craft kits, it's as though the heavens opened and rained beads down upon the earth. It's quite amazing how many different kinds of beautiful beads have been manufactured for us to turn into jewelry and other lovely items. The colorful beads are made from glass, plastic, painted clay, ceramic, wood, silver and other precious metals, even seeds.

Beads are round or square, long or short, triangular or heart-shaped. They're translucent or opaque. They have the alphabet on individual beads, or are shaped like flowers. Intersperse plastic or silk flowers between them, and the resulting necklaces, bracelets and coronets are as natural looking as those made from living plants.

Not all jewelry kits include beads or need them. You may find kits for making butterfly brooches and dragonfly hairpins, or glow-in-the-dark lacing to string other little ornaments into bracelets or necklaces. The kits will also contain appropriate fasteners. Tiny plastic bottles filled with colored "sand" make unusual pendants, while rock hounds know that gemstones make beautiful jewelry, including matching earrings and necklace.

Boys in Your Jewelry Class

Boys are quite adept at jewelry making, as long as the parts aren't too small to handle easily. They like to work with arrowheads, fake shark's teeth, shells, or enameled shapes. Some of them will grow up to be scrimshaw artists, using only approved materials, not contraband ivory. You can also interest boys in jute. It's a natural fiber that takes well to the right size beads, strategically placed, rather than a whole string of them. It gives them that jungle attitude. At younger ages, they'll fasten pin backs to foam shapes for Mom or big sister. At older ages, they'll make copper bracelets as an ancient folk remedy for Grandma's arthritis. Whether those help a little or a lot, the beauty of the gift itself is comforting.

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