Knitting Bags

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Knitting bags should be large, sturdy, and chock full of pockets. Ideally, these bags should be machine washable, too. Most knitting bags have a very old-fashioned and folksy charm. You see tons of floral patterns, patchwork patterns, and fruit patterns.

I have to admit that none of these styles matches my personal taste. Because of this, I had to look long and hard to find knitting bags that weren't, in my opinion, cloyingly cute. What I found was a really cool knitting bag that's more like a magazine rack. It's supposedly portable, but with its wooden frame, I don't see myself carrying it anywhere except from room to room. Still, it's plain canvas with a wooden frame, and a grommet through which you can pull your yarn. This bag is very cool.

Knitting Bags Online

The Internet is definitely the easiest place to find good knitting supplies. One of the best things that you can find online is an education in knitting. You can find so many cool videos that show you how to knit. The target audience for these videos ranges from total beginners to savvy old timers.

I have a good friend who learned how to crochet from one of these videos. She had been knitting for years, but was starting to get bored of it. She preferred the look of most crocheted clothes, anyway, so she taught herself how by watching one of these videos. If she can learn to crochet just by watching a video, I can't imagine there are any crafts out there that the average person can't master.

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