Leather Craft Kits

Written by Shirley Parker
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When we see the end product of a leather craft, we realize how intricate classic designs can be. A carving knife may be used, but leathercraft projects also include stamping and staining. Young people usually begin with stamping. For a youth group, various starter kits are available that may have up to 50 projects.

The beginner of any age, who is learning on their own, is going to be comfortable with a basic kit: perhaps six stamping tools, an instruction book, an easy carve knife, and materials to make three or four projects. Smaller kits are also available, containing just a single project, such as one of many different coin purses. A deluxe kit may contain an instruction video that will probably prove to be very helpful, but may not be essential.

On the other hand, someone ready to jump right in and set up a leathercrafting workshop, can spend upwards of $1,000 to get set up. This includes all of the tools necessary to perform all the skills involved in producing leather crafts. A crafter who becomes serious will have to set eyelets, grommets, and rivets, as well as punch, lace, and follow other instructions. Many kits, in all price ranges, have coin purses where the zipper is pre-attached, saving a great deal of hassle. Handsome projects for the workshop include cell phone cases, can coolers, guitar straps, miniature saddles, watchbands, flashlight cases, and on up to large projects like chaps, handbags, and even upholstery.

Dream Catcher Kits

The dream catcher ring is hand wrapped with a suede lace and webbed with a natural fiber like cotton. Several legends surround the origin of the dream catcher, but it traps bad dreams until morning when they vanish. Only good dreams are allowed to pass through the hole in the center of the web and reach their rightful destination. Other elements in the dream catcher include feathers, stones, beads, and often shells. Each element represents: those who walk on the earth (leather), fly through the air (feathers), provide life from water (shells), grow on the Earth (thread), and Earth itself (beads and stones). The ring is the Cycle of Life and the Web is what holds all of Creation together.

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