Memory Scrapbooking

Written by Liza Hartung
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It almost seems redundant to say "memory scrapbooking." I mean, the reason we scrapbook is to keep memories alive. We want to make sure we not only remember who was there and what everyone looked like, but what the story was. There may have been some hilarious scenarios or things that were said. We don't want them to fade into the distant background of our minds.

Memory scrapbooking is great for group gatherings. You know, you and a bunch of friends are sitting around rehashing old times. You're discussing some particular event and a debate strikes up as to whether or not a particular person was there or not. Well, grab the scrapbook! Not only will that answer your question, you'll be reminded of other high points (or low points) as well. Moreover, you are sure to get compliments on your scrapbooking skills. You may even laugh at some of the silly scrapbook mistakes you made when you were first starting.

Quickies of Memory Scrapbooking

Do you ever have one of those times when you want to make a scrapbook for whatever reason but you've got too many photos and too little time? I've done this on more than one occasion. I wanted to make an album for an anniversary. I had saved photos for a year, but hadn't done a lick of memory scrapbooking. This is when I knew I had to get clever if I wanted to make this gift happen.

I went out and bought a photo album instead of a scrapbooking album. It held 4x6 photos and had black backgrounds. In order for me to still have journaling, accents and other decoration, I used some of the 4x6 slots for paper. I made fun and fancy titles. The very first page consisted of a black and white photo of a rose on the top slot. The bottom slot was a red, textured sheet with a metallic heart in the center. This opening page set up the theme instantly. The point is, be creative and keep your eyes open for new ideas all the time.

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