Needlepoint Patterns

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Needlepoint patterns have been around since Biblical times. Needlepoint was created by the ancient Egyptians, spreading to Europe from there. Tapestries and needlework were very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, and were associated with the upper classes. Mary, Queen of Scots was quite a famous fan of needlepoint, for instance.

In the 1500s, steel needles were invented, revolutionizing needlepoint as we know it. Today, the Internet is taking part in the evolution of needlepoint. You can now find needlepoint patterns online, many of them for free. You can also find needlepoint canvases, supplies, and instructional videos over the Internet.

Needlepoint Patterns and Projects

Needlepoint patterns can help you to make all sorts of cool projects. You can needlepoint everything from items for the home to items for your wardrobe. You can needlepoint purses, hats, vests, or even shoes.

You can create pillows, framed art work, eyeglass cases, paperweights, and so forth. Needlepoint is extremely versatile. It's one of the more enduringly popular forms of needlework in existence today. To learn more about how to needlepoint, I suggest you either take a class, learn from an older friend, or use an instructional video. It's so much easier to watch and learn that it is to read and learn, at least at first.

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