Needlepoint Pillows

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Needlepoint pillows can add significant beauty and style to your living room, bedroom, study or music room. Handmade products of all kinds add an air of luxury to the home. Embroidery designs can make everything from your tea towels to your curtains look intricate and lovely. Ribbon embroidery, crochet, and knitting can create cozy throws and blankets for your bedroom or living room. Needlepoint pillows in intricate patterns and bewitching colors liven up even the oldest of sofas or dreariest of living rooms.

A Garden of Needlepoint Pillows

I love color. When I can't paint my walls in a vivid shade, I add color to a plain room with pillows, throws, colorful upholstery, and colorful art. It's like having a garden of color in an otherwise drab room.

Needlepoint pillows act very much the same way. Throw colorful pillows onto a cream- or beige-colored couch to create the effect of a garden of splashy flowers in your home. Pillows are very versatile, because they're accent colors. You can have a white couch and beige walls one year, then a brown couch and blue walls a few years after that, and your colorful pillows will probably work in both rooms.

Needlepoint is very durable. The feel is comfortable, yet sturdy. Give these pillows away as gifts, or keep them yourself to add richness and beauty to every room of your home.

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