Online Bead Stores

Written by Sarah Provost
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Beading crafts and jewelry making can quickly become more of an obsession than a hobby, as I should know. I am one of many people with a severe allergic reaction to nickel--and nickel is a component of all jewelry metals, including sterling silver and 22-karat gold. I couldn't even wear pearl or bead necklaces, because the metal clasp would cause a rash.

Then I discovered the many ways to get around that problem if I made my own necklaces from gemstones, bone, ivory, wood or any of the myriad non-metallic beads available. Long necklaces didn't need a clasp at all. Chokers could be made of memory wire, with the ends covered with cap beads. Medium-length necklaces could be strung on elastic thread to fit over my head without a clasp.

Thank heavens for online bead stores! The variety and selection are astonishing, and you can browse much more efficiently--a real boon to people like me who get lost in regular bead stores. If you know exactly what you want, 8-mm round rose quartz, for instance, you can search for that specifically. If you want a vintage pendant, you can search that category and find numerous examples to choose from.

Prices Are Better Online

Another wonderful aspect of shopping online is that prices are usually significantly lower than at brick-and-mortar stores. Since online stores don't have the high overhead costs of rentals, staffing and stock, they can pass on their savings to you, the consumer. Thanks to these lower prices, we can indulge our obsession--er, hobby--to our hearts' delight.

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