Patriotic Crafts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Patriotic windsock kites with the national flag, and red, white and blue streamers, can be tied to a porch or a garden pole at any time of year, but look especially colorful on national holidays. Small windsocks aren't expensive, though larger ones can be. Regular patriotic kites are also available in kits that are easy to assemble.

Flag pin kits make up into flags that are put together from safety pins and tiny beads. The red, white and blue beads are spaced on eight safety pins that in turn hang from another safety pin. They are appreciated gifts to servicemen and women in veterans' hospitals. Those who are recuperating at home would also like to be remembered. And recuperation can take many years, especially if the soldier, sailor, airman or marine has been in a combat zone.

Patriotic doorknob hangers come in packs of 12 or more. They're intended to be colored with pencils or marker pens. America the Beautiful or Stars and Stripes wreaths, pinwheels, and metal rubbing frames can be purchased in bulk for a group to complete. Basic doll kits with Uncle Sam clothing, beard, and other accessories, can accompany a lesson about Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Veterans Day.

To Make or Ready Made

Those who can create or follow intermediate to advanced patterns can crochet Afghans or lap blankets, or embroider with every patriotic theme imaginable. Tote bags, teddy bears, snowmen, angels, and just about anything else can be dressed in patriotic colors. Birdhouses and nylon buntings, even fanciful picnic ants, can be found with the flag or national colors built into the design. Stained glass stars, miniature rocking horses, and tiny chairs "in the colors" can all be purchased finished, if time does not allow for making every single item needed for a patriotic occasion.

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