Photo Album Scrapbooks

Written by Liza Hartung
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Photo album scrapbooks are the quickest way to get your memories recorded. You don't need all the skills and tools required to make a full scrapbook, but you still get to have a little creative fun. These are great when you are making a gift for someone and you want to get it to them as soon as possible. These are also a good idea when you realize that you waited too long to start on a project and you don't have nearly the time it would take for a scrapbook.

The first step in making photo album scrapbooks is going out and buying a photo album. This is just a generic photo album. Therefore, you do not have to go to an arts and crafts store or a scrapbooking store. Just make sure the one you choose fits with the subject matter you will be putting inside.

When you purchase photo albums, you will have some choices. You can get ones that hold two 4x6 photos on each page. You can also get ones that hold three 4x6s and thus panoramic photos as well. There are also the photo albums that have the sticky pages with a peel-back cover. These are my least favorite because the stickiness tends to wear off over time causing photos and decorations to fall out easily. I really like the first kind that I mentioned.

Setting up for Photo Album Scrapbooks

Before you start in on your photo album scrapbooks, divide your photos. Put them in piles for each mini-event, and put them in chronological order. Before inserting the photos, take a 4x6 (or the appropriate size) sheet of paper and make it a title page. Decorate it how you wish and according to the mini-event. Do this all through your book. Every once in a while, put a decorative page among the events. Add journaling to paper on your photo or into separate slots.

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