Picture Frame Craft Kits

Written by Shirley Parker
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Gone are the days of plain black picture frames, unless your intent is to emphasize certificates of achievement or licenses, rather than what contains them. They always did seem austere. Yet near-ugly frames of that type do serve the purpose, when credentials must be displayed without ostentation.

Those irreplaceable pictures of great-great-grandma and grandpa, priceless though they are, need something more humanizing, yet still appropriate to tough pioneer times. Perhaps a country-style wood frame coated in clear varnish would bring out just the right attributes. On the other hand, you might prefer a frame that’s painted white and decorated with tiny farm produce or animal designs, if that’s what their livelihood entailed. Remember, they may have been storeowners, the local newspaper folks, or operators of the only hotel in the county in the late 19th century.

For more modern pictures, there are some picture frame craft kits that will delight children and adults alike. Some kits contain just the plain wooden frame that can be painted and decorated with tiny seashells. An award-winning kit has many options for children, including shimmer stones, lucky charms, and pouffed hearts or bows for a corner of the frame.

Amusing or Challenging Options in Frames

Two little girls, especially, would probably have a fit of the giggles, exchanging each other’s picture with each other’s name in a kit they can put together themselves. Or they can set things up the way we boring grownups would do it. Either way, their pictures will stay together as best buddies.

A fascinating challenge for older kids and adults alike is reverse glass painting. This is sometimes done on stemware but is effective on picture frames as well. The effect is three-dimensional, or the design somehow appears to be floating.

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