Rug Hooking

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Rug hooking is not the same as latch hooking, although they are commonly mistaken for one another. A crochet-like hand hook is used in rug hooking to hook yarn or strips of fabric through a heavy piece of base fabric. This is a lovely craft that creates truly spectacular and sophisticated pieces.

The Start of Rug Hooking

The origins of this interesting craft are a bit of a mystery. Some people believe rug hooking began in Egypt, about 1,800 years ago. Others believe it started in China. Still others believe this method for making rugs began in America, near New England. The origin remains a mystery, but we know for certain that this craft is very, very old.

At first, rugs were hooked out of practical necessity. Winters in New England and Canada were cold, and rugs kept the floors--and the walls--warmer. They were an excellent way to both beautify the home, and warm it. Form met function in a simple and very popular way.

Today, people generally hook rugs as a creative outlet. They are considered highly artistic, and can be found in art galleries and museums all over the U.S. To learn how to hook rugs yourself, visit a hooking website. You can watch instructional videos, read a book, take a class, visit a website, or learn from a friend.

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