Scrapbook Page Kits

Written by Liza Hartung
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How many of you know how wonderful scrapbook page kits are? Yes, it can be very fun and rewarding to pick and choose every little object that is going to be in your scrapbook. However, that can also be very time consuming. Kits are a great way to get you started. Because you are essentially buying in bulk, you will likely get a much better price than if you were to purchase everything individually.

Some of you who are new to scrapbooking may be asking what scrapbook page kits are. Well, they are fairly self-explanatory. Let's say you purchase a kit for a graduation page. You will probably get a few sheets of paper that are shades of blue and have designs like caps and gowns. You will find die cuts and stickers like diplomas, caps, gowns, and perhaps schoolbooks. There may be some accents in there that are shaped like mini tassels.

With scrapbook page kits, you pretty much get a little sample of everything. They are great springboards for other ideas. Most scrapbookers will purchase separate pages and accents as well. A kit is wonderful, but when you really want to add a personal touch, get a few extra things. Let's use the graduation example again. Maybe the person you are making the page for is valedictorian or spent a year in a study abroad program. There are extra pieces of flair that you will want to add to your page to express these.

Working with Scrapbook Page Kits

Many people who work with kits will have leftover items. If they are of an occasion that you don't think you will need to repeat, such as the birth of a baby or graduation, you can give your leftovers to friends. It can be quite fun to get together with friends, all of you having the same kit, and see what different pages you come up with. This is a great way to get you all inspired and ready to go.

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