Scrapbook Pages

Written by Liza Hartung
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The most frustrating thing about scrapbook pages is coming up with layouts. Once that's figured out, journaling and accents are easy. I know the frustration. You're sitting there, staring at your page, hoping that something brilliant will spring to mind. Some of us wish that the photos and paper would suddenly start moving on their own and show us the best layout. When neither of these things happens, you've just got to check out some magazines, books or suggestions on the Internet (which may be why you are here).

One fun layout that is great for school albums, art related pages, or whatever you choose, is to hang all of your photos. Hang about three, and use another hanging for your journaling. Something else to do with scrapbooking pages is to put about four pictures of the same size along the bottom of the page. Take a bigger photo and frame it nicely in the upper right portion of the page. On the upper left, put a title and a little journaling.

Suggestions for Scrapbook Pages

A layout that is very simple, but always effective, is to glue two regular sized photos to your page. Frame them any way you wish. Take some type of journaling paper, write what you want, and glue it so that it lies over the photo a little bit. There will be no question as to which photo you are referring to in your journaling! For special occasions, make your scrapbook pages look like gifts. Use ribbon to tie a bow in one of the top corners. Glue the ribbon down the side of the page and put a photo or two on the ribbon.

No matter what kind of scrapbook pages you are creating, do not let a little frustration get you down. The best way to get past it is to just keep going. Sometimes I'll take a walk and see if anything outside fires me up, but more often I'll just browse a supply store on the Internet for inspiration.

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