Scrapbooking Books

Written by Liza Hartung
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Every avid scrapbooker wants his or her scrapbooking books or guides to be unique, clever and creative. If we didn't care about those things, we wouldn't obsess about searching out new layout ideas! You know what I'm talking about. How many of us have completely unused sheets from a year or more ago because we thought we were going to use it, but ended up trying to find something more "perfect"?

Scrapbooking books often have creative ideas that we never would have thought of. Sometimes in these books, I will see something that I've thought of--that can be pretty validating. But more often, I see things that never would've crossed my mind. They also can feature new products to try.

The idea behind scrapbooking books is not to copy the ideas verbatim, but to let the pictures spark your imagination. They usually offer lots of help with technique as well. Oftentimes, books are on a specific theme, so shop around for one with a theme or idea that you are likely to use more than once, such as weddings or seasons.

Where to Buy Scrapbooking Books

There are not as many places to buy scrapbooking books or guides as you might expect. The best selections are online, but it can hard to buy without flipping through a book first. You might want to look at the books in an actual store, choose the one you want, then purchase it online for a discounted price. It can also be a money saver to trade books with friends once you are done using them.

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