Scrapbooking Borders

Written by Liza Hartung
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Scrapbooking borders can be the perfect things to tie a page together. They put the finishing look on a page. Get the borders right, and you have a beautiful thing. Get the borders wrong, and the whole page looks off. Borders can tell a great deal of the story without you ever having to write a single word. For instance, photos of trick-or-treating wouldn't be complete without a border of pumpkins, ghosts or bats.

We all know the importance of good scrapbooking borders, so I'll just give some fun ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. When you are featuring a specific person on a page, one way to do a border is to cut out the first letter of the person's name. Punch two holes in the top and bottom and string the letter to the side of the page.

You can have such a great time with school year scrapbooking borders. School albums are so popular because people want to save the memories of their children growing up. Is there a better way to document that journey than through school years? One of my favorite borders is a yellow ruler. Can you get any more perfect? A border that looks like a brick wall could resemble the side of a school as well. You can also make a border of crayons or one big, long pencil. Browse around and see what's available. Some marketing genius may have come up with an idea you never would have thought of.

Scrapbooking Borders to Accent Your Photos

We can all come up with borders for your basic holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July. It's those occasions when there aren't any icon images that we get a little strapped as to what to do. Any form of stitching can be nice. Either use the stitching by itself or stitch straight onto pieces of paper. Ribbon works beautifully for simple borders. Try tying a knot every inch or so to give it a different look.

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