Scrapbooking Ideas

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it comes to scrapbooking ideas, I could go on for days. Even with all those ideas, I still flip through idea books all the time. I even have a hardcover book that gives me hundreds of visual ideas for borders, journaling and titles, layout designs, photo mats and accents. It's a blessing to have when you want to get started on a page, but you just can't settle on a look.

First, you need a theme for your book. Is it a gift or is it for you? What's the occasion? Some people may think that they don't have a theme. They just want a book of ordinary things and everyday life. Well, make that your theme. Without a theme, scrapbooks become jumbled and confusing. With a clearly thought-out theme, scrapbooking ideas are easier to think of.

Sample Scrapbooking Ideas

Let's take the example of making a scrapbook of your wedding day. Now, you might want to decide on a basic color scheme to fill the book. You can go with the colors you used in your wedding. You can also choose the basic wedding colors of white, gold and silver. You can, of course, just choose a few colors because you like them! In order to make the most of your book, don't just use photos, use memorabilia as well.

It's a good idea to have your wedding invitation on one of the important pages. By important pages, I mean on the inside jacket, the first page or the last page. The invitation is what started it all. You can glue it to the page with nice borders and accents. Another option is to create a little envelope that you put the invitation in. This way, you can pull it out and read it at any time. Using see-through papers are always fun scrapbooking ideas. All of these supplies are available online.

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