Scrapbooking Papers

Written by Liza Hartung
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Once you get used to using scrapbooking papers, you will start to think that pages look naked without them. They can add the perfect feel to any page. They can create moods. They can tell the story of your photos without you ever having to write a word. For instance, putting a picture of you and your significant other on a page that looks like animal print will speak up loud and clear.

You want your scrapbooking papers to match your theme. It would look a little odd to put pictures of baby's first birthday on paper that looks like worn leather. There are papers for every occasion you could possibly think of. You can find papers that are velvety, smooth, shiny, feel like foil, are textured like sandpaper, and more. All you have to do is find a good supply store, brick-and-mortar or online if you don't have access to a store or don't feel like going out.

Many times, you will get layout ideas just from perusing scrapbooking papers. When you are looking for supplies for specific pages, I suggest that you have your photos near you. This will help you to stay on track with colors and textures. It will help prevent you from overspending or buying the wrong things.

Pieces of Scrapbooking Papers

Don't get stuck in the thought that you have to use the entire sheet of paper. Plenty of sheets have pictures or designs on them that you can cut out and use. When I was working on a scrapbook of my European travels, I found paper that had drawings of luggage, luggage tags, passports and globes. I was using two small books. I took the luggage tags and put them on the spine of each book, labeling the tags with "1" and "2." I took the luggage and put them on each cover. Then, I took alphabet stickers and put "Europe 2002" on the front of each piece of luggage. It's very cute.

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