Scrapbooking Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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At the very foundation of a great scrapbook are quintessential scrapbooking products. They come in lots of colors, shapes and sizes. They ones you choose will be based upon what your project consists of and simple personal preference. I really enjoy the albums that have top-loading pages. These clear pockets allow you to remove and insert your pages. I like these because if I mess up on a page, I just have to grab a new sheet. It also lends itself well to rearranging the order of your pages or adding extra ones.

As the scrapbook world grows bigger every day, newer and better scrapbooking products are hitting the market. It used to be that you could only find die cuts in basic shapes. Hearts, stars, circles and squares were die cut staples. Nowadays, there are cuts in the shapes of everything you could possibly imagine! It's a good idea to keep a small file folder, about the size of an envelope, to hold loose die cuts. You can label the file folder and keep the cuts organized.

New Scrapbooking Products

When you're looking for the latest in scrapbooking tools, you can go to several sources. The newest products will be found online. New borders, matting, decorative scissors and accents are coming out all the time.

The most convenient sites will have a section specifically for new products, so that you can find them right away. There are new specialized pockets and sections all the time. When I am making a book for a friend who is also a scrapbook fan, I try to find something new and exciting to surprise them, and that surprise is usually something I purchased from a website.

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