Scrapbooking Sites

Written by Liza Hartung
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For those scrapbook addicts out there who just can't get enough information and creative ideas, check out the hundreds of available scrapbooking sites. The Internet is an amazing place, I tell you. You can find sites that sell supplies, give helpful hints, have pages of layout ideas and have huge discounts. If you don't mind waiting for your supplies to arrive, ordering off the Internet is the way to go.

I have noticed that scrapbooking sites have the biggest variety of albums. The two main scrapbooking retail stores that I go to only have about two or three options of albums. However, I found a site the other day that had about six name brands. Then, within those name brands, there were about two or three options each. I was so excited. When you really want to get going on a book, but have to wait for your album in the mail, start on your pages while you're waiting.

Surfing Scrapbooking Sites

Remember, there are plenty of sites for scrapbooking. Don't think that just because one pops up first on your search engine that it is the most comprehensive. Look through a few to find the ones with the best deals and biggest selection. Some sites will have a place where you can give your email address. By doing this, you put yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter list of fun scrapbooking ideas and new supplies.

Some scrapbooking sites will have free layout ideas right there for you. Others won't, but they will have several books available. I say free is always good, but it's nice to have a book around as well. Books usually provide a massive amount of creative information. You don't need too many, but you want them to be comprehensive.

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