Scrapbooking Stickers

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you need to get your book done quickly, but you want it to be nice, scrapbooking stickers can be lifesavers. Stickers have made some serious advances since I was little. Some of them are so intricate now that you would swear they were photos or professional drawings. I can stay for quite a long time in the store inspecting the sticker wall. Yes, if you are any kind of scrapbooking fan, you know the sticker wall well.

For those who have yet to come across the almighty sticker wall, you have to find your way to it. The ones with the most variety are usually found in scrapbooking stores, but online retailers often have even more extensive selections, since they aren't confined by the amount of available wall space. It is an entire wall dedicated to stickers. There are sheets of stickers, rolls of stickers and stickers for every occasion that life can possibly afford. You can find stickers for the obvious like Christmas, birthdays, Halloween and the Fourth of July, and the not so obvious like science fiction or dinosaurs.

Sometimes, just perusing through scrapbooking stickers will give you ideas. Maybe you have already made several of your pages, but you feel they need just a touch of something else. After I graduated college, I went on a European tour for a few weeks. When I was making the scrapbook for that, I found stickers that were of the flags of the countries I had been to. They were perfect for title pages and they helped create a running theme.

Scrapbooking Stickers as Frames

When you are looking for a border for your photos and you just don't have the time to cut out a whole bunch of things and come up with something creative, you may be able to find some useful scrapbooking stickers. Not only are stickers used for little accents, there are stickers in the shape and design of photo frames. You can also create your own frames by sticking many smaller stickers all around your photo.

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