Scrapbooking Stores

Written by Liza Hartung
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Scrapbooking stores can mean death to my wallet. I love these stores. It's nothing but scrapbooking supplies and people who have a passion for making scrapbooks. There are inspirational ideas all around you. It's so easy to get caught up in the new die cuts, paper designs and accents. I don't know how many stickers, themed cuts and borders I have that I have yet to use.

When I first moved to the city I am in now, I was on the hunt for scrapbooking stores. I found arts and crafts stores, but nothing solely dedicated to scrapbooking. This led me to search the Internet for my scrapbooking supplies, and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of supplies I could find. I told a friend of mine who wasn't that "into" scrapbooking, but whose sister-in-law was, so she thought she'd shop for a Christmas gift for her. My friend got so caught up in our web search that she spent more money than I did!

Prices at Scrapbooking Stores

I just want to give a little warning concerning prices. In general, items will be more expensive at the stores specifically devoted to scrapbooking. You are likely to pay less if you go to a regular arts and crafts store. This is because the arts and crafts store has money coming in for things other than scrapbooking supplies. However, you will most definitely find a greater selection at scrapbooking stores. The caveat to this rule of thumb regards online scrapbooking stores. The better online stores will be a combination of larger selections and lower prices. Since they don't have to maintain an actual storefront, Web-based retailers can usually lower their prices.

When you are headed to the store, it is best to have an idea about what you are going to do for your upcoming pages and what supplies you need. If you go in not quite knowing what you are doing, or plan on shopping for all the pages in your book, you will come out with way more than you need. You may think that you will use the extra stuff eventually. However, I still have leftovers from about five years ago. If you do get too much, keep it around, since you never know when you will need it, no matter how many years down the line it may be.

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