Scrapbooking Tips

Written by Liza Hartung
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No matter how advanced of a scrapbooker you are, you are probably always looking for scrapbooking tips. In fact, the best of the best want to be continually updated on tips. Tips keep you fired up. Your creativity starts to explode and you can't wait to get your hands on some paper, markers and scissors.

Most of you know how important it is to use acid and lignin free paper. Most of you know to use permanent markers that are also fade resistant. I'm going to put the basic scrapbooking tips aside and give some suggestions as to accents, borders and all that good stuff. Hanging things from your page is always wonderful. You can hang each letter or word of a title. You can hang tags that have journaling. Try hanging punches from a stationary title.

You can also do quite a lot with wire. Use it to form shapes. It gives a great monochromatic feel to things that are normally very colorful such as leaves, flowers and hearts. Spell out a title with wire or loop it through eyelets. You can even create a wire hanger and hang a photo or journaling from it.

Scrapbooking Tips for Photo Mats

As photo mats are extremely important in scrapbooking, I'll provide you with some scrapbooking tips for getting past a possible creative block. If you want to show off your photos in the best way possible, try tilting a mat or stitching your edges. A look that I really like is achieved by cutting your photo into four equal parts, vertically. This works best with scenic photos. Then, paste them to the page with a little space in between each part. This is a very cool look. For winter pictures, create a mat with snow on top.

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