Written by Liza Hartung
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Have you ever been over to a friend's house and seen scrapbooks of his or her family? Does it ever make you wish that you had such greatly preserved memories of your family? Well, you can. Scrapbooking isn't particularly difficult. You just need a few basic supplies, some tools and a little creative inspiration. You'll generally be working with your photos and your memories, so you should have a good time.

For those who already have several scrapbooks under their belts, you may just need a jumpstart. Sometimes, I get in a rut where I feel I have nothing new creatively to add to my albums. This causes me to set them aside for a while. However, one flip through someone else's book or one visit to a scrapbooking store and I'm revved up and ready to go. I'll come across the most adorable accents or fancy pages and I can't help but get that creative itch.

Creative Boosts for Scrapbooks

Sometimes just one new layout idea is enough to start the juices flowing for scrapbooks. If you are making a page that involves your child's first play, or other event along those lines, make a cutout of what looks like the back of someone sitting. It's quite simple. Just outline the head and shoulders (add hair for girls) on a black sheet of paper. Add that to the bottom of your title page and it will look like an audience is watching your photos.

When you have got a lot of photos that you want to put on one page, try the Brady Bunch approach. By this, I mean to cut eight photos in equal sized squares. Glue them around the edges of the page and glue a same sized piece of paper in the center. On the paper, you can add journaling. Alternatively, you could skip the journaling and add an accent like a flower, heart or other shape relative to the event.

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