Sunday School Crafts

Written by Pete Nicholls
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As great as the stories from the Bible are, kids need something visual to reinforce those stories. In fact, visual aids are developed for every kind of teaching because they work. We retain more when what we hear is reinforced by what we see. In addition to obtaining pictures that represent characters from the Bible, a resourceful teacher will bring in games like crossword puzzles or fill-in-the-blanks pages for older children. There are also so many innovative craft ideas for all ages.

Younger children can cut out frogs that represent just one of the ten plagues sent upon Egypt. A dab of removable adhesive, fastened to the back of each picture, will allow the frogs to be fastened all over the room. The teacher then explains what can happen when we don't accept that God is in charge, not a Pharaoh or someone else. Or they can color fat cows and thin cows, for example, with crayons or non-permanent markers. When the pictures are cut out and collected in one place, the children sort the animals into the two groups seen by Pharaoh in his dream, that is, the thin cows eating the fat cows. This is easier to illustrate than the corresponding dream of seven fat sheaves being eaten up by seven thin sheaves.

Something as simple as straw or raffia can be used to represent symbols from the time of the Savior. Those who live in the southern states can likely obtain real palm fronds to demonstrate concepts. If you're a newcomer or not used to handling palm fronds, be aware that they tend to have sharp edges or spines that can cut the hands, so be careful. They're certainly tough enough to be thrown on the ground for a sweet donkey to walk on, as he carries the Savior.

Other Ideas for Sunday School Crafts

Children can create simple family trees by writing their family names on leaves and gluing them to a picture of a tree. On a different Sunday, children might cut out and glue strips of colored paper to a small jacket made from paper or cloth to create a coat of many colors. Many websites exist for locating many more fresh ideas for creative crafts for Sunday School. These ideas have been collected from Sunday School teachers who often have a lifetime of experience to pass along to those following in their footsteps.

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