Toggle Clasps

Written by Sarah Provost
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Toggle clasps are one of the prettiest and most decorative ways to finish a beaded necklace or bracelet. Usually, a toggle clasp consists of a circle that attaches to one end of the piece and a bar that attaches to the other end. The bar slides through the circle and turns lengthwise to join the pieces. A few toggle clasps have a bent hook on one circular piece, which fits into the other circle like an oversized hook and eye closure.

Toggle clasps come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Sterling silver is probably the most common material, but they can also be found in gold, vermeil, pewter, brass and copper. These last three would be most appropriate for rustic or casual styles, while silver, gold and vermeil are classic and will work well with all styles.

Cost, of course, is a factor, and that's another reason why less expensive metals are best for more casual styles. Such beads tend to be quite a bit larger than those for more dressy styles. Choosing an appropriately large clasp in gold or silver might be prohibitively expensive.

Many Designs of Toggle Clasps to Choose From

If you want a sleek, contemporary look, a simple circle and bar with a plain surface might be your best choice. If your beads lend themselves to a more antique look, you might want to select one of the many carved or embossed styles. Shapes, too, can differ. Instead of the usual circle and bar, some toggle clasps are square, diamond-shaped, oval or heart-shaped. These, too, come in smooth or sculpted surfaces.

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