Tri-cord Knotters

Written by Sarah Provost
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When making a necklace of pearls or other fine beads, a knot should be placed between each bead. This keeps the individual beads from rubbing against each other, and ensures that if the necklace breaks, you won't have pearls rolling everywhere. There are three ways to accomplish this task.

The easiest way is to string your beads on a double strand of cord. After each bead, simply tie the two cords in an overhand knot, pulling it close to the bead. The only disadvantage to this method is that you have to use a double strand of thinner cord, which might not be as strong as a single strand of thicker cord.

The more traditional method of knotting is done with one strand. You make the knot by hand, loosely, then use a stickpin or hat pin to tease it close to the bead and pull it tight with the other hand. Tweezers and an awl can also be used. You make the knot around the awl, then use the tweezers to pull it close to the bead.

Tri-Cord Knotters

There is also an implement developed specifically for knotting beads, called a tri-cord knotter. This tool sells for anywhere between $37 and $50. Most sources also offer an instructional video, sold separately for $20-$27. Many jewelry makers feel that the tool is expensive and needlessly complicated to use. Generally speaking, it would be most useful for those who need to knot often but aren't very skilled at more traditional techniques.

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